Blowout Tips: Take Your Strands into Your Own Hands

Blowout Tips: Take Your Strands into Your Own Hands – by Sophia Jackson

If you don’t have the time or the money to run to the salon every time you need your hair styled, you may want to consider taking things into your own hands. A blowout is one hair styling challenge that can be difficult to do yourself but not impossible. We gathered some of the best tips from celebrity stylists that will make giving yourself a home blowout a piece of cake. Here are some of their best ideas to help you get started:

To Dry, or Not to Dry
You don’t want to put heat anywhere near your hair before you’ve blotted excess water first. Make sure you are gentle on your wet hair so you don’t accidentally damage it. You’ll want to use a soft towel; some people even use an old t-shirt. Don’t toss your hair or twist it around the towel.

Using a wide tooth comb, you gently de-tangle, while using the towel to blot your hair dry. It’s always best to start from the top of your scalp and work your way down.

TIP: To get the best and smoothest result when blowing out your hair you want to start the blow drying process with damp, not soaking wet hair.

Preventing Frizz Is Key
Before you even take a brush anywhere near your hair, you want to use a blowout prep spray. Choosing your spray should be based on your hair’s needs as well as the type of hair you have. All prep sprays should provide heat protection, but they are customized to your hair-care needs, such as hydrating, volumizing, or even de-tangling.
Dry your hair to about 60 %, then run your fingers through your hair and move them back and forth to get the rest of the wetness out.

Choose Your Setting
Staying in the bathroom to blow out your hair is not a wise decision. This is because you will continue to fight the steam that remains from the shower. This will add dry time to your hair and will double the moisture, causing more frizz than you’d like. Choose a cooler, dryer setting to start the drying process.

Start with Your Bangs First
Your bangs, if you have them, are the one area of your hair that can dry quickly and end up drying out of order if you don’t tackle them first. If you’re going for the side-swept look, use a round bristle brush and sweep them off to the side. If they are blunt shape, brush them from side to side by using a paddle brush so they don’t lie too flat.

Dry in Sections
You want to start by sectioning off your hair into sections which are not any wider than the comb or the brush you will be using. Pay special attention to removing any excess moisture from the roots to the shaft. The ends of your hair do not require as much heat and will end up drying much faster than the rest. If you are looking to create more volume, use a rounder brush and start by drying from the underside of your hair to give it that maximum lift.

Dry Your Hair This Way for Poker-Straight Hair
When you are going for the poker-straight hair look, you want to use a paddle or flat brush instead of a round one as your tool of choice. The technique is also important when drying for the straight hair style. First, you want to brush all your hair toward your face and follow it with the blow-dryer. After you’ve made a few passes, you will want to brush it back toward your head. Finish drying your hair by brushing it straight down to the floor.

The Diffuser Is Your Best Friend
A diffuser is necessary to help preserve any natural curl. If you are looking to add volume to your hair, lean your head backward and flip your hair over to dry it with a diffuser. You absolutely do not want to use your fingers because this can cause even more frizz in your hair. If you have really curly hair, try putting in a leave-in conditioner beforehand.
If you have straight hair and would like a wavy look, spray your hair with texture mix, and then put various sections of your hair into the shape of a figure eight. Put each section into the bowl of your diffuser; this will give you a nice dented curl shape.

Be Careful Where You Put a Ponytail
To help keep your blowout lasting as long as possible, knowing where to put your ponytail is important. If you are trying to keep a straight look, you want to put the ponytail on the nape of your neck so that your hair will stay flat. If you are looking for volume, you want to do just the opposite and put it high on your head in a knot. Make sure you avoid elastic bands because these will leave a dent in your hair. Ponytails are a great way to keep your hair out of your face, but they can damage your style if you don’t put them in the right place.

Invest in a Good-Quality Blow Dryer
A good-quality blow dryer will help to save you time and money. Because they heat up much quicker and provide more consistent streams of air. Not only that, but quality, more professional blow dryers come with all the attachments you need to get the right style.

Final Thoughts
Not every blowout requires a salon professional to accomplish it. By investing some time and money into a good quality blow dryer and learning how to blow out your own hair, you can do it yourself at home. Achieving that salon-touched look doesn’t take too long once you’ve gotten the hang of blowing out your own hair.

With these simple tips and techniques, you can start styling your hair at home. With a little practice, your look will be so polished that friends and family members will ask you to style and blow out their hair for them.