The Alli Premium Wood headphone by Frends

Frends was founded in 2006 by a group of creatives, musicians, athletes, and artists who share a passion for challenging the relationship of sound and style. The collective created a range of headphones with the same design and craftsmanship as vintage jewellery; as well as being extremely attractive they boost unsurpassed sound quality, perfectly blending […]

bestlite bl1 table lamp -Brass

Bestlite bl1 table lamp

The Bestlite BL1 table lamp, part of the The Bestlite Collection from Gubi has been in continuous production since 1930. Winston Churchill is numbered amongst its many famous users. The elegant Bestlite design was conceived by Robert Dudley Best who was highly influenced by the Bauhaus. Now over eighty years on, the Bestlite design remains […]

Black Toilet Paper for those with a dark side

This black toilet paper is the ultimate accessory for your contemporary bathroom, and would make a most funky gift for anyone with an equal sense of both humour and style. Just imagine the surprise on your guest’s faces when they spot this funky tissue for the first time! The Renova black toilet roll really is […]


For the lovers of fast cars and espresso

Looking for a coffee machine that will fit into your garage of expensive cars? This is it. The Espresso Veloce’s V12 is probably one of the most beautiful espresso coffee machine that you’ve ever seen. Conceived and hand-built by Arte Meccanica Mastrogiuseppe, the Espresso Veloce is made from materials such as titanium, magnesium, and aluminum, […]