Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten for HUF Magazine Issue 50

Julia Fullerton-Batten makes complexity simple. Her photographs exude a demonstrative ambiguity that sometimes leads to unexpected realms. Her imagery, her art, is painstakingly attentive to detail; what appears effortlessly surreal is the result of a healthy obsession to the reality of shooting the ephemeral, Julia’s talent and skills synchronise the complexities of a shoot with […]


Exclusive interview with fashion photographer Nicholas Beautler for HUF Magazine Issue 33

  “Photography always was a bigger constant in my life than everything else.” Nicholas Beutler is a professional photographer based in Berlin, Germany. HUF Magazine first featured his work, titled ‘Una Bluna’, in Issue 28. His work involves such meticulous attention to detail that, his work ‘PRE’ featured in Issue 32. HUF Magazine asked Nicholas […]


Exclusive interview with professional photographer Hengyi Liang for HUF Magazine issue 31

” Follow your heart, create your own image” We were introduced to Liang’s work by German label PATH, when they submitted the editorial “Street fighter.” An editorial that we loved, featuring China’s top male model Fang Qing Wei styled in PATH’s Spring Summer 2014 collection. The juxtaposition in Liang’s photography enthralled us; the rigid concrete […]


Exclusive interview with fashion photographer Irvin Rivera for HUF Magazine issue 29

Story Teller “…How to tell a strong story even with a single image has been a consistent challenge. Combining all the elements of photography, styling, hair, make-up, composition and your subject’s overall interpretation of the photograph, to make an effective final image that evokes emotion is crucial for me.” – Irvin Rivera Creativity is defined […]


Exclusive interview with fashion photographer Nacer Paul in HUF Magazine Issue 28

” Photography is capturing a still, perfect moment in time, that would otherwise have passed unnoticed, and preserving it forever. I love taking photographs of people; every face tells a story. When words become so unclear, where you can not possibly understand, we can create photography. Or we can just make it simple and define […]


Exclusive Interview with Fashion Photographer Roberto Aguilar for HUF Magazine Issue 22

Roberto Aguilar is a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer. Born in El Salvador, raised in the US, currently based in London, UK. With an extensive academic background in photography, he has become a successful photographer in the fashion and commercial industry, earning himself a host of multi-national clients and publication in major fashion magazines. Roberto’s […]


Exclusive Interview with Professional Retoucher Marina Dean Francis with HUF Magazine Issue 19

Photo retouching is the largest part of any photo-shooting process, and it can take many times longer than the photo-shooting time itself. Photo retouching is a specialised skill which requires a lot of practice to master. Most professional photographers will try to make sure the image comes out as near perfect as possible during the […]

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