HUF Magazine Issue 54 OUT NOW!


HUF Magazine issue 54 is out now, featuring Bryana Holly on our cover, photography by Albert Wolf. In her editorial, she looks stunning as ever against the desert background wearing couture outfits by designers such as Francesca Miranda, Gemy Maalouf and others. This issue features four exclusive interviews; Ricardo Urroz, […]

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Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Jacob Hodgkinson for HUF Magazine Issue 37


A photographer captures images, preserving moments in time, either on film or digital media. What separates a good photographer from others is skill. What separates a great photographer from others is style – distinct individual style – a vision, you might say. Jacob Hodgkinson is a great photographer with distinctive […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 53 Out Now


HUF Magazine issue 53 is out featuring the stunning Jalicia Nightengale on the cover, photography by Andy Hoang. In this issue, we bought you four exclusive interviews with creatives from around the world; Ptolemy Elrington, who transform hubcaps and the recycled into sculptures; Ed Freeman, who capture ethereal beauty we […]

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Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten for HUF Magazine Issue 50


Julia Fullerton-Batten makes complexity simple. Her photographs exude a demonstrative ambiguity that sometimes leads to unexpected realms. Her imagery, her art, is painstakingly attentive to detail; what appears effortlessly surreal is the result of a healthy obsession to the reality of shooting the ephemeral, Julia’s talent and skills synchronise the […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 51 Out Now!


HUF Magazine issue 51 out now, with the beautiful cover photography by Stella Morais and her team. This issue feature an exclusive interview with professional tattoo artist Chaim Machlev. His clients travel from around the world to become one with his art. His story to change his career from a […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 50 Out Now


It’s official, HUF Magazine has reached a milestone with this here Issue 50. Featuring the gorgeous and hunky Canadian bred firefighter Marshall Perrin, photographed by Wander Aguiar. (Who also photographed our cover for issue 11). This issue also featured an exclusive interview with Fine Art and Commercial photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 47 Out Now.


All of us at HUF Magazine are working hard to bring you the very best inter views with inspiring creatives, stunning visual editorials and new features. This issue’s exclusive interview with photographer Mark Leeming showcases his amazing imagery and his passion for creativity. His imagery transcends normality. With HUF Magazine, […]

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