Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten for HUF Magazine Issue 50

Julia Fullerton-Batten makes complexity simple. Her photographs exude a demonstrative ambiguity that sometimes leads to unexpected realms. Her imagery, her art, is painstakingly attentive to detail; what appears effortlessly surreal is the result of a healthy obsession to the reality of shooting the ephemeral, Julia’s talent and skills synchronise the complexities of a shoot with […]


HUF Magazine Issue 51 Out Now!

HUF Magazine issue 51 out now, with the beautiful cover photography by Stella Morais and her team. This issue feature an exclusive interview with professional tattoo artist Chaim Machlev. His clients travel from around the world to become one with his art. His story to change his career from a project manager in an IT […]


HUF Magazine Issue 50 Out Now

It’s official, HUF Magazine has reached a milestone with this here Issue 50. Featuring the gorgeous and hunky Canadian bred firefighter Marshall Perrin, photographed by Wander Aguiar. (Who also photographed our cover for issue 11). This issue also featured an exclusive interview with Fine Art and Commercial photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, who has an impress portfolio, […]


HUF Magazine Issue 47 Out Now.

All of us at HUF Magazine are working hard to bring you the very best inter views with inspiring creatives, stunning visual editorials and new features. This issue’s exclusive interview with photographer Mark Leeming showcases his amazing imagery and his passion for creativity. His imagery transcends normality. With HUF Magazine, he shares his story, his […]


HUF Magazine Issue 46 Out Now

It’s a new year that is upon us and it brings new opportunities for even more creativity. Creativity continues to demonstrate the power that it yields; expanding culture and liberating the mundane. Here at HUF Magazine, we’re committed to showcasing and elevating creativity in all its forms. 2016 is destined to be a busy year […]


Head Over Heels, photography by Arton Sefa for HUF Magazine Issue 35

A young man searching for identity in the vastness and complexity of his mind. He wanders the landscape, unsure of a direction to take. Despite the signs on the ground attempting to guide him, his naiveté has him making reckless decisions head-over-heels. Credit Photographer: Arton Sefa Hair and grooming: Sigi Kumpfmüller @ Kult Artists using […]


HUF Magazine Issue 45 Out Now!

HUF Magazine Issue 45 out now! It’s that wonderful time of the year, Christmas. Whether celebrating on the snow capped peaks of Aspen or the beaches of Sydney or at home with family, Christmas is the time to celebrate good times and good friends. So curl up beside the warm crackling fire and enjoy this […]


HUF Magazine Issue 44 Out Now!

With this autumn fall extinguishing the last glimmer of summer sunshine and winter soon upon us, snuggle up with a hot cup of mocha, prepare to be inspired. Our exclusive interview with model, creative & art director, stylist and celebrity judge Vesa Peräkylä, will bring back some warmth and sunshine into your day; learn how […]

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