Jovan Stevanovic Summer Love Collection

“SUMMER LOVE pre-fall collection resulted very spontaneously. It reflected my left-over feelings i gained over the summer, having a romantic summer fling. I kinda felt this collections in my stomach. I felt the colors, the intensity, the clouds, probably something described as love, but with an expiring date. When it comes to the aesthetic and […]


Dark Depths, photography by Sarah Distel & Lianne Huizing for HUF Magazine

Sarah Distel (photographer) and Lianne Huizing (Stylist) at NOON Concepts shot an exclusive lookbook editorial for Dutch talented designer Judith van Vliet and shoe designer Chris van den Elzen. This promising duo is known for their beautiful, extraordinary garment and 3-D printed shoe designs. With the use of experimental materials and shapes in each collection […]


EVISU x KTZ 2015 Capsule Collection – Murky Denim

EVISU collaborates with KTZ, a London street fashion brand and launches a “Murky Denim Storm” capsule collection which is in the theme of Japanese Kendo. Edgy cutting, sharp print and lots of details bring a strong stylish airflow to fashion industry. The EVISU x KTZ Murky Denim Storm capsule collection adapts an overall black color […]


The Essence Fall Collection Part 2

The second half of the Fall Collection was inspired by the sounds, sights and attitude of a New York City of the past. The mission from day one has been to channel the past and make those nostalgic elements current once again. Plainly, to capture The Essence. Symbolic colorways and graphics played a major part […]


Ruone Yan Collection – Everything Of You, Is Everything Of Me

Ruone Yan is a menswear designer who recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art university. She was selected as one of the two undergraduate designers to showcase menswear collection at the New York Fashion Week this past season. Inspired by Cephalotus plant, Ruone has produced a menswear collection that borrows […]


ADYN Capsule Collection – Elements

‘Elements’ sees existing ADYN staples reworked in new fabrications including their signature bomber in suede alongside tracksuit pieces in velour. Fresh silhouettes such as the kimono add a twist on traditional layering and the camouflage print brings together the natural, earthy colour palette. Credit Photographer: Hamish Stephenson Models : Bash Sanchez and Francesco Cuizza


Introducting Orthodox Collection – Martyr 1:16

“The Martyr 1:16 shoot was birthed on the exploration of correlation between the definition of religion in martyrdom and the religion of consumerism. Societal worship of materialism has driven this shoot. Technology has been formed to provide the role of nurturer to humanity as man-made objects of worship occupy lifelines.” – Orthodox Credit Photographer: Aubrey […]


MASS Capsule Collection

MASS – HONG KONG INSPIRED STREETWEAR BRAND LAUNCHES FOR THE URBAN MALE As Hong Kong grows as a fashion hub for start-up designer brands, it comes as no surprise that Hong Kong based designer, stylist and blogger, Mass Luciano, has decided to launch his new streetwear brand in the place he calls home. MASS is […]


Maria Pshenichnikova Spring Summer 2016 Lookbook

This collection, which consists of fifteen handmade units, is presented under the title “In the red”. The designer transferred her personal emotions, experiences and associations connected with the perception of the colors and the language of forms. Red means the heart, which has its own space and gives the power to the development of the […]

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