Shaving with The Personal Barber

Let’s be honest, shaving is not fun, but it’s something some men have to do every day, unless the caveman look is what they’re going for. Those who shave at home will understand how frustrating it is to find razors that are good and long-lasting. Razors have evolved over time and there are a few […]

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Introducing Cornerstone + Product review

If you are like some of the HUF team, who shave regularly, you’ll understand how much trouble you go through to find a great shave. Not to mention the regular trek to buy new razors and shaving products. An unshaven face can look scruffy and neglected. And according to our team, an unshaven face loses […]


Review: G-Star Raw Track II Shift Trainers

The summer is here and it’s hot! It’s time to splash on the sunscreen, venture outdoors and inhale fresh air. Working out in your local park can be a lot more enjoyable than being confined to the gym treadmill and can be a much healthier option too. Of course, you cannot do it without the […]


Review: Superglamourous Pierre Slippers

You don’t have to be royal to feel like a king, especially when it comes to what you put on your feet. Slippers are probably one of the most familiar pair of shoes in our lives. They’re the first things you slip your feet into every morning and the last they slip out of every […]


Review: Money Pirate King Ape Jumper

Summer is already over and Autumn is well on its way. It’s a time of year to start digging through the attic and back of wardrobes for winter clothing. Or you can readily modernise your style with some new and trendy clothing. Mainline menswear is an online menswear shop which specialises in designer menswear. You […]


Review: Superdry Vintage Hoodie

If you have never owned a hoodie jumper, then you should consider getting yourself one. Hoodies can be one life’s most flexible clothings. Wear it with your favourite jacket, jeans and casual shoes to create that smart casual look, or wear it with a pair of basketball shorts and trainers for a trendy sporty look. […]

Cartier Calibre v1

Robust Elegance : Calibre De Cartier

Perhaps France’s most prestigious watchmaker, Cartier has been crafting premium timepieces and jewellery since 1847. In fact they were the creators of one of the first wristwatches in history (the Santos wristwatch) which gave wristwatches a newfound masculinity that 20th century men found acceptable (they were previously considered “too dainty” for male wrists). I find […]