Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Jacob Hodgkinson for HUF Magazine Issue 37


A photographer captures images, preserving moments in time, either on film or digital media. What separates a good photographer from others is skill. What separates a great photographer from others is style – distinct individual style – a vision, you might say.

Jacob Hodgkinson is a great photographer with distinctive style and vision. Jacob began his journey to become a professional photographer with his very first 35mm SLR camera. “I started out as a photographer in Brighton when I was 16, there was an excellent course at my college, the tutors were amazing and very encouraging. They really taught us how to shoot our own style as well as the technical aspects such as dark room techniques, etc.”

Momentarily tempering his passion for photography, Jacob made his way to London to study. “I studied Advertising as a major with a minor in Photography. At that age, I thought working in advertising would make for a more stable and lucrative career. I think I was probably right! [smiles] I just don’t think I could work in that kind of environment these days.”


Jacob managed to keep his passion for photography whilst learning all about the world of advertising. Some photographers would not study another discipline. HUF Magazine asked if Jacob thought studying photography exclusively would be a wise decision for aspiring photographers. “This is a tricky one. In short, yes and no. I think maybe a 6 month course to learn about the basics of how to use a camera might be useful, but you can probably find all that information on YouTube nowadays anyway. We didn’t have that when I was growing up. I would say working as an assistant was one of the most useful things for me to become a professional photographer. You just learn so much more than you will ever learn at university. I always recommend that route, over the the university route, if possible. Also, get down to your local library and look at a ton of art and photography books. I think it’s important to read them cover-to-cover and take in the whole book, and don’t skim through. If you have good galleries in your city then that’s a great way to discover photographers. I do love to look at other photographers’ work. However…Continue reading our exclusive interview with Jacob Hodgkinson in HUF Magazine issue 37

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