Exclusive interview with fashion designer Jesus and Antonio Estrada in HUF Magazine issue 18

If we are asked to think of twins who design in the world of fashion, the first that come to mind are probably Dean and Dan Caten, the founders and owners of DSQUARED2. Fashion Designer twins are not common but they do exist, such as the Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, as well as Teman and Teran Evans, who run Dioscuri.

Designer Jesus and Antonio are twins who “want to make women of all ages feel beautiful” and “bring European style and a New York City vibe to Westchester.”

Jesus and Antonio Estrada grew up in a fashionable family whose mother was a model. Orginally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico, the Estrada twins moved to San Diego, California when they were two years old.

Jesus created Haus of Estrada. He attended Fashion Careers College and, having been featured in several fashion shows and magazines in San Diego, he was selected to participate in Season 7 of “Project Runway.”

In 2010, when Antonio finished filming a documentary, Jesus decided to welcome him to Haus of Estrada and they did their first collection together for Spring 2011. In 2012, the brothers rebranded Haus of Estrada to “Jesus & Antonio Estrada”. The brothers later partnered with NYC designer Marteal Boniello and opened their first designer boutique ‘Marteal & Estrada’ at 512 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY.

HUF Magazine had the opportunity to speak with the Estrada twins about themselves and their latest Spring 2013 Collection – “Playing with Dolls”, which was inspired by and dedicated to their younger sister Sarabi.


How did you guys get into the world of design?
Antonio: The world of design was always in our blood and now that we are living it to the extreme we feel accomplished. We feel like we always wanted to not only be the fashionable twins and trend setters, we wanted to make people feel the same way about themselves.

Jesus: Everything began when Antonio bought our first sewing machine when we where 17 years old. Ever since then we have been behind a sewing machine creating fashion.

What does fashion mean to you?
Antonio: Fashion means everything to me. I wake up every morning ready to go to the store and get creative. It means a lot to me to be able to not only make myself happy but other people.

Describe the type of woman who would wear ‘Marteal & Estrada’?
Antonio: Sophisticated women who like to look edgy and classy.

Jesus: I would say our type of woman is confident and likes classic silhouettes, but keeps it modern with color and new fabrics. Our woman is always fashion forward.


What’s the inspiration behind the Spring 2013 Collection?
Antonio: We called our Spring 2013 Collection “Playing with Dolls” it was inspired by Barbie. Since a young age, we were making Barbie clothes. Then our little sister Sarabi was born and she was our little doll.

Jesus: We wanted to create a collection that was playful and fun.

Which one is your favorite piece from the Spring 2013 Collection and why?
Antonio: My favorite piece is the Ribbon Fuchsia Mermaid Gown. That Ribbon comes in a 10 yard 4in width spool and we manipulate the ribbon to create the pattern for this amazing show stopping pieces. It’s been one of our signature pieces since the ribbon comes in lots of colors.

Jesus: I have to say … Continue reading our exclusive interview with the Estrada brothers in HUF Magazine issue 18