Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Marcus May for HUF Magazine Issue 36


Living Happy, living his dream
Marcus was imbued with the gift of creativity at a young age.

“I used to be very interested in my father’s old cameras from the 50s. At the age of 12, I got my own reflex camera which was my constant companion during the analogue age. Since then I grappled creatively with my environment and life in general.”

Even during his school years, Marcus was certain that he wanted to become a photographer. After achieving his A Level education qualifications, Marcus started working for an advertising photographer. “After my time as a
photographer’s assistant, I went to Paris to study at a language college. It is a fabulous city. At the beginning I went round all the German photographers and assisted some of them. With this, the big wide international world of photography opened up for me. During my time in Paris I frequently met many international photographers. I felt particularly inspired by Petre Lindbergh and Mario Testino.”


As a professional photographer, Marcus has graced the editorial pages of HUF Magazine and shot for many well-known companies; C&A, Audi, Mastercard, Red Bull and Tchibo, et al. HUF Magazine asked Marcus to explain his
creative process through to completion and the acclaim it necessarily attracts.

“Right from the beginning I work thoroughly, logistically, conceptually as well as creatively. It can be between
one or two months or just up to the next day. The beauty in photography is…Continue ready our exclusive interview with Marcus May in HUF Magazine issue 36.


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