Frozen, photography by Maria Clara Lorusso for HUF Magazine

“The inspiration for this editorial come from the 1984 essay by Peter Wollen “Fire and Ice.” In the essay, it discussed how photography is a medium that permits to preserve fragments of the past. I was interested in Wollen’s idea that photographs have a near-zero duration of creation and at the same time, the spectator has no fixed time to experience photographs. Wollen sees photography as ice, defining photography as motionless and frozen. In this editorial, my interest was to challenge this idea of photography being “fixed” in time, creating images with a “static dynamism,” not composed by a single shot but with two different frames of the same action or pose.”Maria Clara Lorusso

Creative director and photographer : Maria Clara Lorusso
Stylist: Susan Daniel
Makeup: Abbie Nourse
Model: Claudia Balters