Hiding, photography by Alice Brunello Luise for HUF Magazine

When playing hide and seek, we always hide at one of the most hidden place, afraid of being found but also a little looking forward to letting others find us. We hide in the dark and observe carefully to the movements of the person who is looking for us. We get delighted secretly from his expression. But when he is about to find us, we will hide at another place quickly. Don’t let him find us

Perhaps because of this game, we are very good at hiding and letting others find us. Meanwhile we are afraid that when they do find us, they will see our discomposure appearance. So when they are about to find us, we will quietly hide again.

Since when we’ve learned to hide ourselves?
Since when do we not have to show ourselves without reservation just like a child?
Perhaps because someone else said that we have to grow up…

When walking in the street, you see, everyone has the same expression; ignorance, indifference and not easy to approach. They are wearing different masks in every corner of the world, regardless of people and scenario. They don’t easily put down their masks even in front of the person who they love the most.

Perhaps you may say “I’m so tired! But what can I do? The world is just what it is?”. Hiding in the dark but also want to see the light; We wrapped ourselves tightly but also want someone to help us remove the armor; Saying words which are completely opposite of our mind; doing things which we absolutely don’t like to do …People are alive but somehow they are not living. They lose themselves during their hidden period, but when they finally find a way to gain a foothold in the world – they become someone else. (Concept written by Zixuan Liu)

Photographer: Alice Brunello Luise
Stylist: Zixuan Liu
Makeup: Gaia Brigida and Maria Pia Sciuto
Model: Riccardo Bonfiglioli