MONKEL Eyewear


Born in Stockholm, MONOKEL proudly introduce their debut collection of hand crafted sunglasses for SS13. Living up to the Scandinavian reputation for high quality and conceptual design, the brand pride themselves on using traditional methods of production to ensure endurance and durability in their frames. Already generating a huge worldwide following, the two founders of MONOKEL, being professional Snowboarders and Film Makers, have established themselves as firm favourites amongst the Skate, Snowboard and BMX community, along with the sartorially style conscious from across the globe. The brand looked to the timeless styles of the 1960’s and 70’s music, youth culture and urban sports, which fused with the duos creative personalities, forms the perfect vehicle to drive MONOKEL as a credible brand. Current projects amongst many include a collaboration with the highly acclaimed, ‘Random Bastards’ collective, famed worldwide for their skate & snowboard film productions.