R.Swiader Fall 2017 Collection at New York Fashion Week

About the Fall 2017 Collection

R.Swiader, a New York based fashion house draws influence from its surrounding landscapes and cityscapes and the people that occupy them. Rafal Swiader, lead designer for R.Swiader is inspired by the suavity and functionality of the Parisian man, the boundless curiosity of the Brooklyn native, and the occupants of his home country of Poland, which sustains a very solemn, yet joyous attitude. The R.Swiader garment is notable in that it not only allows the man to be taken seriously with its very obvious attention to detail and craftsmanship, but also invites in flair and unusual touches of design and color, conveying a message of liberality and openness. R. Swiader is a delight to behold and wear.

Photographer: Joanna Totolici