Return To The 50’s, photography by Marsal Perez Galbany for HUF Magazine

We return to the elegance and sophistication of the 1950s, but this time we do it in a very different way. Let us enter the current elegant extravagance of a totally artistic and bohemian Barcelona that lets us fly, leave behind the sense of ridicule and really think about the most important thing, which is to live and do it in a totally free and repressive way.

El Mercat del Born was built in 1876 in the area of Ciudadella de Barcelona. With the purpose of being the market of the zone until the year 1971 then it was reformed to become an emblematic building for its cultural and artistic exhibitions.

It is an example of iron architecture within the modernist artistic movement, which had great importance in Barcelona, for this reason we chose it as the setting for our publishing house.

The modernist trend detected a lot in the city of Barcelona for its renewal, creativity and great accuracy in details. The same thing we wanted to do with the clothing in the editorial Return to the 50’s. Take the aesthetics of the 50’s to give a modernized and renewed version, taking care of every detail, with the mixture of classic fabrics with more innovative materials and with combinations of prints as it happened with the artists of this current, as much in architecture , As in painting, sculpture or literature.

Nowadays the Born is not only an emblematic building, but also a meeting point of different styles, cultures and people, which is why activities like the 080 have also been carried out, which is why we have also focused the session Photographic showing an urban boy who can go dressed in Denim with classic brands to go with costume combined with new designers from the city (always following the same line).

Photographer: Marsal Perez Galbany
Hair and makeup: Sara Torregrosa
Stylists: Xènia Soler & Maria Coca
Model: Petar Grbic