Irina Voiteleva

Three Modes Of Material Nature, photography by Irina Voiteleva for HUF Magazine

“There is no being existing, either here or among the demigods in the higher planetary systems, which is freed from these three modes born of material nature.” – Irina Voiteleva Credit Photographer: Irina Voiteleva Stylist: Nika Shabashova Makeup and hair: Liza May Retouch: retouch_club Production: A.B.A. Group Model: Risha Lebedeva […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 50 Out Now

It’s official, HUF Magazine has reached a milestone with this here Issue 50. Featuring the gorgeous and hunky Canadian bred firefighter Marshall Perrin, photographed by Wander Aguiar. (Who also photographed our cover for issue 11). This issue also featured an exclusive interview with Fine Art and Commercial photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, […]

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HUF Magazine Issue 47 Out Now.

All of us at HUF Magazine are working hard to bring you the very best inter views with inspiring creatives, stunning visual editorials and new features. This issue’s exclusive interview with photographer Mark Leeming showcases his amazing imagery and his passion for creativity. His imagery transcends normality. With HUF Magazine, […]

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The Misery Of Colored Rains, photography by Irina Voiteleva for HUF Magazine Issue 33

When a young girl is beginning to open her heart – all feelings, emotions and secrets, come out of the depths to the surface to spill colored rain, colors and paints – here is coming the season of colored rains. Credit Photographer: Irina Voiteleva Assistant photographer: Anton Chuprinin Stylist: Anjelika […]

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