The Essence Fall Collection Part 2

The second half of the Fall Collection was inspired by the sounds, sights and attitude of a New York City of the past. The mission from day one has been to channel the past and make those nostalgic elements current once again. Plainly, to capture The Essence. Symbolic colorways and graphics played a major part in offering each piece in an innovative format. The images and wordplay are not always meant to be direct. It is based on the idea that these pieces are created for “those who know”. Subtle jackets, shirts and accessories have also been offered to complement the boldness of some their counterparts. Standout pieces for this collection include a cashmere and leather varsity/trench hybrid. The thought was to take the well known red and black lumberjack and bring a totally new design to the table. The fireman closures were added to compliment the richness of the cashmere. Military anoraks were also a New York City fixture in the 1994-1996 era. The goal was to enhance the quality and modify the fit to provide a new interpretation. The heavy cotton twill provides a weight not often seen in these pieces. Brushed brass hardware and waxed cords complement the design and offer a better level of quality. The hood depth is a bit exaggerated to come down across the forehead. The body length cut longer than average as well which allows the customer to adjust the cords and stoppers to form a unique and original fit.

Designer, Jonathan Goldberg, hopes to continue his journey as he continues to push the envelope of reinterpretation while staying true to the inspirations of the past…The Essence.

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