Wait Till You’re Announced, photography by Marion Bracqué for HUF Magazine

Think Pink Floyd’s legendary song “Another Brick In The Wall” with their epic words “We don’t need no education, We Don’t Need No Thought Control”. This editorial will depict the story of a young group of 16 y/o who oppose to the education system by skipping class. They see their parents going to work everyday from 9 till 5, doing as what seems like meaningless jobs, robots succumbing to pressure. What their parents have doesn’t seem fulfilling for the creative minds of the boys.

There must be more to life. The boys use their free time to explore and discover. What seems like vandalism by little criminals by outsiders, is actually art by lost teenagers who need an outlet of freedom. They defy the rules for something bigger: ART.

In this story we will see this young group of boys, altering human constructs. E.g. if a building is abandoned they might destroy it more, make way for nature to take back space that was once theirs. We will see them hanging
around. They might be drinking or smoking, playing guitar or reading lyrics/ poems. They’ll have boards, blades, bmx’s. Anything that might help them channel their inner creative self.

They will look like outcasts and useless, troubled teenagers to any outsider – but if you give it a closer watch you’ll see a bunch ob boys trying to make something bigger out of existence.

Photographer: Marion Bracqué
Designers: Emilie Thirion & Fanny Steppe
Stylist: Fiona Rombaut
Makeup: Ana Japson & Yoni Baeyens
Models: Simon, Sam, Thibault, Samuel & Ainsley @ Flag Models

About the designers
Emilie Thirion is one of the fresh faces in menswear and already a legend in the Belgian fashion scene. It is no surprise that she gets national and international acclaim. Her multiple awards and exhibitions are the ultimate proof of her talent. Emilie Thirion is without a doubt someone to keep a close eye on while she colours our Belgian fashion landscape with her witty and inventine designs.

Awarded the MAD Brussels Prize, BLOOM Prize, RECREART Prize “It’s cool not to be cool” – with these words we can summarize Emilie’s collection. Emilie, who was previously a stylist, explains clothing is an artistic form of expression to her, expression of everyone’s unique character. “We are all made the same and therefor everyone has the right to dress as they feel, without having to worry about other people’s consent” she says. Without any regard of other people’s opinion, people should dress as they feel comfortable, without hiding their personality, even if it is considered “not cool”.

This collection was derived from menswear basics such as sport clothing, the white shirt, the overall, the baseball jacket,… The materials have been handled in such way they were no longer basic and, like the pieces they were about the become, were unique in their own way.

In short, Determinism is a collection made to cheer on diversity within our population. Everyone is made to be unique. It is okay to be different as long as you are yourself.

Another revolutionary designer is Fanny Steppe who is taking innovative steps in menswear design. Her focus is mainly on the use of materials. Besides textiles, she often uses alternative materials such as silicones, carrier
straps, tag pins,… She pushes the bounderies of fashion in a very effective manner which awarded her acclaim from different national angles.

Fanny explains her collection is derived from a historical event: the invention of the diving suit. By going back in time and having a closer look at the evolution of the suit, she discovered that materials were of a huge importance, even bigger than the form. Even though current diving suits are very tight, the first examples of diving suits had no form whatsoever. We can trace back the loose form in multiple pieces of her collection.

Because she wanted to focus on the materials, she used them as eyecatchers. By using them in a very original and inventive manner, she creates astounding effects that brings her collection to a higher level.

Equally, her prints aren’t a coincidence either. Digging deeper into her concept of the diving suit, Fanny collected a series of jellyfish she distorted in different ways and mirrored for an unrecognizable and liquid effect.

All of this together creates a collection that is retro and modern at the same time, nostalgic as well as futuristic. Her use of different types of textile and alternative resources in combination with her pleasant patterns and original fit create an appealing collection that is certain to asure Fanny of a promising future!

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