Advertising with HUF Magazine

Advertising with HUF Magazine

Advertising is a great way to enhance your company website and brand awareness around the globe, but it only works if you are placing your advert in the right place. HUF Magazine is definitely a right place for you if your brand is all about creative, fashion and style. We love anything and everything that is different, weird, distinctive, unusual and special. We highly respect brands and designers that don’t follow but lead the industry.

We love fashion and photography in particular. HUF Magazine features exclusive interview with some of the top photographers, makeup artists, models and creatives around the world. We also showcase works from fresh creative indiviudals who deserve to be recognise.

Our readers are anyone and everyone who are in the creative industry. Photographers, models, designers, make-up artist, hair-stylist, musicians, graphic designers, artists, singer-song-writers, architect, students and many many more. Advertising in HUF Magazine will give you an enormous exposure to a wide range of audience around the world.

HUF Magazine is publish monthly in both print and digital format. There are limited number of advertising spaces available on our web-site. Your advert will appear on most of our pages, so you won’t need to worry our readers not seeing them.

Advertising in our print issue is only available in full page and two page spread. The only decision you need to make is where you want your advert to be place.

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