“The American dream has changed.” this is the pragmatic vision of Mirko Tocchio, the creative mind of HIGHFASHIONENEMY. (@HIGHFASHIONENEMY)

In the latest #Americandream capsule collection launched for SS21, the young designer transformed the iconic sign of the HOLLYWOOD hills by playing with the slang ‘weed’ which means marijuana, and the outgoing American president Donald Trump into an ecstasy pill.

He specified that he had not invented anything but that youth trends only inspired him. The word HOLLYWEED refers to a performance made on the occasion of the legalization of cannabis in California. At the same time, the ecstasy pills with the face of Donald Trump have been reinvented in several kidnappings by the authorities as they are among the most used in the so-called ‘Techno party.’

These elements emphasize the mood of many young people who, following the life of the stars showed on social media, come to think that emulating their excesses is necessary to achieve success, a new American dream frivolous and made of illusions.

The new collection is currently available for purchase in pre-order, and after having caused sheer shock in the fashion system, there has been no lack of criticism. Still, Mirko Tocchio is keen to clarify that he is not an incentive to use drugs. He also adds that to cause in people a sense of belonging that goes beyond the simple item of clothing, it is necessary, to be honest and show the world even in its negative aspects, instead of selling a perfect dream that is often not in line with reality.

However, all this is part of his irreverent and unconventional style. He is making way to the sound of successes, being among the most hype designers of the moment with his HIGHFASHIONENEMY brand that records dizzying sales.

Will this be yet another upcoming sold-out?