Andra Cora Collection, photography by Alex Pagan

Dopaminérgica an escaping woman, is a fugitive from the fictitious place of Anhedonia; it is a story told in four phases: from introspection and fear to rebellion and freedom. Sculptural shapes, versatile lines, redrawn forms, contrasting textures, symbolic tonalities; changing in a progressive way, gradual, spontaneous in a variation of intensity and degrees of opacity. Tissues of evolutionary renewal, immersed in a constant game of harmonic contrasts and textured finishes. From natural fibers to synthetics, the coexistence of traditional, contemporary and technological. Bets for neutral timeless colors but never unnoticed, getting more transcendence due to a subversive language that explores the creative capacity.

Baring clothes to knit the soul, where dressing is existing. Elegance and distinction.
An affordable ‘Prêt-à-porter de luxe’ joining design and functionality in an updated
classic with avant-garde touches.

Photographer: Alex Pagan
Designer: Andra Cora
Makeup: Mar Bolea
Retouch: Carles Barrios
Assistant: Aryanna Chtk
Model: Cindy Vanderpoel