Height : 6’1″ | Chest : 42″ | Waist : 32″ | Collar : 16″ | Inside Leg : 31″ | Shoes : 11 | Eyes : Blue | Hair : Brown
Instagram : @acmorrill | Twitter : @ACMLondon | Website :
Andrew Morrill is a model, blogger and husband, based in New York City. Andrew started modelling part time as a way to make extra money while in university, but ended up becoming a full time professional model. Currently he is a fitness model with over eighty six thousand followers on Instagram. He reguarly shares his fitness routines and tips. Andrew also shares what he wears in his blog.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I currently live in New York City although that’s only recently since for the last several years I had lived in London. Now that I am back stateside I have found New York a great place to work; there is so much opportunity here and my look and size is a bit more appropriate to the US market. As a place to live I also absolutely love it.

You started modelling in Texas as a way to make extra money while at university. Did you think that you would be modelling as a career at that point? And at which point did you decide “O.K, I can do this as a career”?

When I started modelling back in Texas I had no idea it would end up being my career. For a long-time modelling was something that I did in addition to a full time job. Over the years I worked for a toy company, a technology start-up and a software company. While I was living in Hong Kong a few years after college I got my first cover, for a magazine called MRMR. That brought me to the attention of my first agency which in turn led me to making this into my only full time profession.

What has been your worst experience so far in your modeling career, and how did you deal with it?

I haven’t had that many awful experiences in this line of work which is probably why I’m still doing it; that being said bad weather can always be unpleasant. Living in England I had more than a few of those experiences. I remember once in Berlin we were shooting on an October day where the temperature was nearly freezing. The attire was entirely inappropriate for the weather – underwear and leggings – and the venue was the rooftop of a 30-story building. It was sunny but the windchill was intense. I have a memory of me and the other models huddling together in a corner waiting to be called out by the photographer. A name would be called and that guy would look at the rest of us like it was an execution. In some ways it was really funny. I was absolutely freezing, my eyes were watering from the wind and I was supposed to look all pumped, sexy and warm. That was one of the more difficult looks to pull off.

What is your ultimate goal as a model and who are you inspired to become?

There are certainly a few people in this industry that I admire – those who have longevity and remain appealing year after year, most of all. I aspire to have that sort of career. That is the gold dust of modelling and very few achieve it.

You are a model, a blogger and a husband, and you obviously spend a lot of time in the gym. How do you juggle your time between them?

I’m quite fortunate that I have a supportive husband who helps a lot with the day to day things that keep us going as a unit. Time is our most valuable commodity so I try not to waste it with him or anyone.

How long have you been working out? Is it difficult to build and maintain a body like yours?

I’ve been training for nearly as long as I can remember. I would go to the gym with my mom or dad when I was a teenager – a place called the Concord in San Antonio – and I started by just copying what I saw other guys doing. I’d read Men’s Health and figured out a routine. I remember being intimidated by the ‘serious’ weight room with the big dumbbells and the bench presses. Luckily, I got over that. From that point on training has been an integral part of my life. I’ve used half a dozen personal trainers over the years who have augmented what I’ve picked up and studied on my own. I find having a PT is essential for motivation and switching up my routine.

Tell us more about your blog. Why did you start blogging? What do you blog about?

My blog is about the clothing I wear. I started doing #WhatImWearing posts a few years ago and to my great surprise people liked them. I would get comments and requests wanting to know where people could buy that shirt or those shorts so I decided to start a blog about it. I found, especially when I was living in England, that a lot of the clothes I bought were cut for guys with narrower shoulders and thinner legs than me. As I started posting these blogs, I found that I wasn’t alone and that a lot of men had the same issues with clothing that I did. So in a way it was simply sharing the knowledge. I know the disappointment of skinny jeans that can’t fit over your quads and I wanted to help where I could.