ANINE BING to release new Eau de Parfum, Pure Noir.

Pure Noir represents the alliance of softness and strength. Laced with mystery, it explores the union of black baccarat rose, papyrus, and spicy saffron faceted with dark notes of guaiac wood and mahogany.

Anine, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, wanted to create a follow-up to her first fragrance Savage Rose that felt different. Something deep and sensual, yet feminine and versatile enough for everyday wear. Pure Noir is wrapped in notes of unpredictability. It embodies the energy of the unapologetic modern woman, who is bold in spirit and assertively feminine.

“Pure Noir is such a personal scent. It reminds me of my travels to all of my favorite cities around the world, staying at cozy boutique hotels, exploring new neighborhoods. It embodies the spirit of Copenhagen and Paris, which is rich with possibility. Pure Noir is a mysterious fragrance. When I wear it I feel independent, strong and feminine.”Anine Bing, Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

Pure Noir Eau de Parfum and Candle launches on October 13th, available exclusively online and in-store at ANINE BING.

Top Notes : Papyrus Extract, Saffron, Oakwood Extract
Heart Notes: Black Baccarat Rose, Nutmeg, Black Pepper Absolute
Background Notes : Mahogany Wood, Guaiacwood, Cistus Absolute Spain

Eau de Parfum | Vaporisateur Spray 2.53 FL.OZ | 75 mL
Made in the United States
$169 US | €169 EUR | £149 GBP | $249 AUD


ANINE BING is a Los Angeles based fashion brand started in 2012 by Anine Bing, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, and Nicolai Bing, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and American energy, Bing’s goal was to build a brand focused on everyday wardrobe essentials and investment pieces for modern women seeking a timeless yet rebellious approach to style. Powered by a loyal social-media following and the drive to offer an exceptional customer-service experience teamed with a modern approach to immediate fulfilment of merchandise, Bing has built a multimillion-dollar business that aims to double its growth in 2020.

ANINE BING is sold by more than 350 retailers globally. ANINE BING’s brick-and-mortar presence continues to grow at an exponential rate, with retail stores found in major cities worldwide including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Sydney, Hamburg and Berlin––with more coming soon.