Antinoo Menswear Fall 2017 Metamorphosis Collection

Lily Montes, is a Colombian designer, passionate about the male universe and its expressions of reality. She presents by 3rd. consecutive season her collection on the NYFW with her brand ANTINOO, especially created for men who don’t fear dare.

“Metamorphosis” FALL 2017, is conceived as a transition process from one season to the next, is a vision of autumn as an extension of the summer and preamble of winter, at the same time is a winter that recognizes the imminent arrival of spring.

With shapes inspired by the minimalism of the 90s, but full of style details, they are loose tops that suggest the body and bottoms that follow his silhouette without adjusting.

The prints are inspired by irregular and abstract designs of nature, foliage blurred by shadows, degraded and exploded and Madras like a window frame to a story of a man, real, manly and aesthetically fabulous.

The color card has dense tones ranging from amaranth purple to yellow celery, neutral like pink limestone and dress blue with accents in cherry.

The cotton-based fabrics according to the DNA of the brand, have weights between 160 and 180 grams perfect for the season, mixed with tencel, wool, and elastomers to give textures, sensations and movements. Denim, twill and silk complement the particular styling of the season.

Photographer: Claudia McDade
Designer: Lily Montes
Wardrobe assistant: Yesid Osorio
Model: Jacob Burton @ Wilhelmina NYC