Nouran Nazer beautifully tells the tale of women’s invincibility and their infinite storage of determination in her latest collection. No matter what the adversity, women find a way to pick themselves up and dust theirselves off. In a way, the more obstacles a woman faces, the stronger she becomes. Nazer incorporates the classic V neck and Sabrina cut to emphasize collarbones with a see through waist. To Nazer, the collarbone is the new backbone. Corsets are redefined in Aspect Dore’s SS’20 collection, rather than being seen as constraining as it has been traditionally, they are a woman’s armor. The fabrics include lace and see through fabrics which represent vitality and fertility. Puffy sleeves, an Aspect Dore signature look, is also on many of the collection’s pieces.The inspiration behind them as Nazer puts it, “The sleeves represent the journey that a woman has gone through, she’s been through a lot but she’s still standing tall.” As for the colors, which vary between rainbow and black. Hot shorts of various colors are worn under the weightless see-through dresses with sewn on Swarovski crystals. The Aspect Dore SS’20 collection was art directed and produced by OTKUTYR Fashion House, which is the first & only fashion house in Saudi Arabia that serves as a launchpad for designer brands since 2011 and supporter of local arts.


Nouran Nazer is a Saudi born and raised designer. Born in Yanbu then eventually moving to Jeddah at the age of 9. After graduating from high school, Nazer relocated to Cairo, Egypt where she continued her higher education and obtained her bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. She worked as an engineer for five years, which taught her the value of patience and hard work. After returning to Jeddah in 2010 and inspecting the fashion scene, Nazer was frustrated with the lack of creativity and style. This is when she had an epiphany and she proceeded to buy containers of fabric and her journey as a designer began in 2012 at the age of 30. Nazer was working as a banker at the time, and found a balance between dressing professionally and standing out simultaneously.

Nazer studied fashion styling at the prestigious London College of Fashion in 2014. She credits the institute for honing her attention to detail and understanding what is flattering and what is not. In 2018, she decided to take her dream a step further with her SS’19 launch, joining OTKUTYR. It is the only fashion house in Saudi Arabia serving as a launchpad for local talent since 2011. When one bears a reputation like Nazer; an established and renowned couture abaya designer, then it comes as no surprise that she decided to switch gears and create Aspect Doré: the brand launching with her SS’19 collection is an editorial collection that will surely make some noise but is also wearable and completely open to various styling options.