HUF Magazine Issur 76 Out Now!

HUF Magazine issue 76 out now, with our dreamy cover photography by Arline Malakia. Styled by Chloe. Hair and makeup by Elena Pacienza, styling by Michelle Paiano featuring model Sara Kemper from Elmer Olsen Models In this issue, we have an exclusive interview with model/ fashion photographer Danny Baldwin. His […]

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Crown Shyness, photography by Art A La Carte for HUF Magazine

“The idea of “Crown Shyness” is inspired by a phenomenon that is observed in some tree species “in which the crowns of fully stocked trees do not touch each other, forming a canopy with channel-like gaps. The phenomenon is most prevalent among trees of the same species, but also occurs […]

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Gender F*cked, photography by Melissa Isabell Quiñones for HUF Magazine

“The editorial is a celebration of Gender-queer, we want to be a voice for the non-binary population. Gender-queer, also known as non-binary, is a catch-all category for gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine, identities which are outside the gender binary and cisnormativity. Gender-queer people may express a […]

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