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Height : 1.82m, Shirt : Medium, Shoes : 43, Eyes : Brown, Hair : Brown

Based in Nice, France, Lisbon-native Bruno Duarte is a fitness model, a fitness phonetic, and an Onlyfans model. He was also one of the main cast members in the reality series Below Deck season 5, which chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. Bruno’s career has always been in the hospitality industry. He’s done roles such as waiting in restaurants and 5-star hotels, chief steward, and sous chef. He also used to run a bakery called Hunk Baker. A couple of years ago, he decided to start his Onlyfans career. HUF Magazine had an opportunity to speak with Bruno to find out more.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I currently live in Nice, France with my husband. Moving to Mexico in Sept. I work on yachts as an officer. Living in France is extremely complicated, people arent very warm. And mexico we wnt to Holbox for vacations and became the dream place to move and do a experience.

How long have you been modelling? and how did you start modelling?

I opened onlyfans couple years ago. I always invested a lot on my social media and now more into erotic and sexual content.

Do your friends and family support you as an Onlyfans model? if yes, how do they feel about you being an onlyfan model? If no, why not?

No, its only my mum and my brother, and I was always independent, I never gave explanations of what I do. I’m an Onlyfans model and I have no problems with that.

What made you start your Onlyfans?

I started my Onlyfans for money reasons, I wanted to try with my visibility if I could earn a nice income and it’s going very well. I can provide a much better life with the extra money I receive from my OnlyFans.

Have you ever felt or experienced negative reaction from people because you are an Onlyfan model?

Never, the community is very kind and I never had any hate or trolls neither on my Twitter or Onlyfans.

What equipments do you use to record your videos? And how many hours, on average, do you spending recording, and editing your video before you publish them?

My videos are bot edited we record as natural as possible and post them like that. My equipment can be the iphone, my canon camera or gopro hero 9. I have 1 ring light. And its all.

Do you collaborate with other OnlyFans models? Or do you only film with your husband?

We only film together, adding other people will just destabilize our relationship, and we would be like 90% of OnlyFans so we are just us.

In our current society, there is a negative stigma towards people with Onlyfans, in particularly sex workers. How do you feel about that?

I dont care. Our current society you cant say do or be what makes you happy without being criticized. I do what I do and be myself without waisting time thinking about “people” its my life and i dont care to who ever has an opinion

How do you stay in shape? What’s your training routine? What’s your typical diet?

I have a very peculiar body type, an ectomorph with a lot of problems in building mass, i try to workout 5 times a day, and eat a lot. I workout 2 muscle groups a day, in negative and very slow movements to target the muscle to the max. Diet, well try to build calories by eating clean and not restrict as much

What’s your 3 golden advise for anyone who want to become an Onlyfans model for erotic and sexual content?

My advise is to do what you think is you. Try to be genuine and professional. Also, if you are on a relationship make sure communication is the priority.


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