It is the irresistible, fluffy, diverse and simply delicious taste of Swiss bread that inspired the new Collective Swallow collection CO_06.

Based on the many elements of the bread bakery culture in Switzerland, its customs, its lived regional tradition and diversity, the CO_06 collection explores another gustatory theme and combines the craft and quality of bread with contemporary garment making.

The result is titled BROT PAIN PANE PAUN, which means bread in all four wins languages and simultaneously represents the variety of Swiss bread culture.

The rising of the yeast sought, the bubbles and irregular enlargement are transported as asymmetrical elements such as slightly sloping pockets or sleeves of unequal length. Classic and traditional specifics of bakery are adapted to contemporary garments.

Bread is an identity, a vase, a sign. But bread is also a symbol of our throwaway society. It’s time to focus on less but locally produced, high-quality products. Just as a yeast dough takes time, it takes time to create significant products, made to last. CO_06 is a statement against the fast cycle, against overproduction, again fast fashion.

All Collective Swallow collections are produced in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. All garments are made in Europe with recycled PET cotton.

Thus the origin of each ingredients is made transparent on the hangtag.

CO_06 is a unisex collection, including 40 pieces for Pre-Fall and Fall 20 as well as accessories and bags.