Creative profiling – Introducing Srdjan Sveljo

What’s your name?
Srdjan Sveljo (Mr.Fanatik)

What’s your occupation?
Stylist, Fashion Editor, DJ, Photographer, Journalist , Radio Host

Where are you base?
Novi Sad, Serbia

Who is your icon?
Michelangelo – and Andy Warhol, Madonna, Bowie, Robert Mapplethorpe.

Why do you what you do?
Because I see beauty everywhere around me and I try to show it to people all around the world. Sometimes that
beauty is in music, sometimes in fashion and sometimes in the male body. I always think that thing I do is some kind of mission because I live in a very closed, conservative and homophobic world. That is why I try to affect
other generations and try to show them what can be other beauty and all around it.

What makes a perfect image?
The best and the hardest that a photographer can get from the model. It’s a sincere emotion that comes with confidence, it can be with very little details and if it is packed in a perfect styling then this is the photograph that will keep my attention!

What is the trend for 2016?
The photo “Model” of Russian artist Olga Toberluts. It defines the same that I promote, that is ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!

Facebook: srdjansveljo
Instagram: nsfanatik
Twitter: urbanlook

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