Mini but Mighty: Introducing the new Crep Protect Ultimate Starter Pack

Keep your sneakers fresh on the go with new travel sized products

The world’s leading premium sneaker care brand Crep Protect, has announced the launch of the new Ultimate Starter Pack; delivering mighty sneaker cleaning and protection power in new mini sized products.

A complete first for the brand, the Ultimate Starter Pack allows sneakerheads to take their sneaker care products on-the-go with innovative flight-safe sizing in an exclusive Crep Protect zip up travel bag; expanding the product range into the travel category.

The Ultimate Starter Pack delivers continued innovation from Crep Protect with the new Cure Foam; a ready to use cleaning foam that combines the bold cleaning power of the Cure Cleaning formula with water & a premium brush head in one miniature sized product, for the most efficient clean ever!

Release the foam from the easy to use spray nozzle, and watch as the unique Cure Foam formula works instantly to lift and breakdown dirt and grime from the first application – no water needed! Use the premium brush-head to tackle stubborn marks and stains as the foam collects additional debris, leaving sneakers looking fresh on the go.

The new Ultimate Starter Pack also includes a 50ml sized Crep Protect Spray. It’s mini but mighty, delivering the same robust protection against rain, stainable liquids, dirt and grime as the iconic 200ml Spray, in a flight friendly can.

The new Crep Protect Spray Mini & Cure Foam are joined by six of the classic Crep Protect Wipes for quick cleans and mid sole refreshes, all contained in a re-usable zip-up travel bag with classic Crep Protect design aesthetics. The Ultimate Starter Pack is the solution to sneaker cleaning on the go and is perfect for weekend bags, gym bags, suitcases and hand luggage; the only question is where do you use yours?

Key product features:

NEW Crep Protect Spray Mini 50ml

  • The iconic Crep Protect formula that protects sneakers from rain and stains
  • Easy to use and dries in just 10 minutes
  • Instantly repels liquids and protects sneakers
  • Invisible protection that doesn’t alter the look or feel of sneakers
  • Two coats provides up to four weeks of protection
  • Mini but mighty! New miniature 50ml size is travel friendly and easy to use on the go

NEW Crep Protect Cure Foam 50ml

  • Ready-to-use Cure Foam is brand new product innovation – combining the power of the Cure Cleaning solution in a ready to use formula
  • Easy and efficient to use – simply spray onto sneakers and use the built-in brush head to wipe away dirt
  • Innovative new foam formula traps dirt and grime
  • Premium cleaning brush head included to tackle stubborn marks and stains
  • Mini but mighty! Miniature 50ml size is travel friendly and easy to use on the go

Crep Protect Wipes – 6 pack

  • The classic ‘on-the-go’ sneaker cleaning product – Crep Protect Wipes are ready to use to tackle marks, dirt, grime and stains
  • Double sided and dual textured for a maximum cleaning surface
  • Use the textured side to tackle tough dirt and stains or wipe clean with the smooth side for the perfect finish
  • Pre-treated with a powerful cleaning formula that removes grime the first wipe
  • Durable wipe that won’t break apart during cleaning
  • Individually sealed in a unique foil sachet to lock in moisture
  • Refreshing citrus scent

The Ultimate Starter Pack – where do you use yours?

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Available now at Snipes, JD, Foot Locker and for €25

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