.crowd. by Bola

The name of the collection – .crowd. by Bola, was born literally a couple weeks before the pandemic state was announced all over the world.The pandemic affects us all, and through the disease, limits our freedom of movement and thought, it also affects us economically and creatively – but whatever it is, health and safety are the most important things now.

The feelings of weakness, anxiety and a kind of a failure of artistic plans were not easy to put up with, but finally, the mottoes accompanying us ever since that time, and which have been appearing literally everywhere: #staysafe #staystrong #stayhome – have been used by the designer as AN ASSET! The .crowd. collection – a crowd without a crowd, a session without a plan, your own interpretation, above all – safety and involvement – the designer wanted to somehow transform this feeling of defeat and resigning from the plans regarding the premiere of the collection, into a new challenge, into new values.

How do you show a crowd without a crowd, how do you handle a photo shoot with six models so that each of them is safe and feels comfortable?

Finally, after thinking how to save the project / over six months of artistic effort / and the premiere of the collection, the designer decided to ask a simple question:

“Do you have the will, time, desire, to take the photos yourselves, safely, with your own interpretation of the chosen stylisation from the show?”

She didn’t expect such an eager and collective answer: YES!

The commitment of the models, their own ideas how they perceive the new collection, have totally moved the designer and originator, surprised her with their incredible energy – such an unexpected action in this difficult and hard time really made you want to act, work, and not be indifferent.

Masks/balaclavas and gloves have been sewn on all of the styling selected remotely with stylist Mateusz Kołtunowicz, so that everybody is 100% safe during the photo shoot.

For the .crowd. project. – the name of the collection transformed into a bigger project – the designer invited six unique individuals:

The photos which were taken perfectly describe the collection’s assumptions, doing it in a fresh and original way, simultaneously becoming coherent with one another and telling a strange tale of the current times, emotions, fashion – for a designer, they become an additional driving force for further actions, they deepen faith in wonderful people and their help, and that, even though we’ve found ourselves in a strange new situation, it’s the commitment and fashion that gave us all a few moments to breathe and an opportunity to escape from everyday life.

The .crowd. collection 2020 – we can see iridescent materials in the collection – kind of like a chameleon trying to adapt to the environment, but still remains unique and gets noticed; patchworks, polished forms of jackets and unisex sweatshirts, full tracksuit sets, omnipresent accessories in the form of key rings, backpacks, belts. The colorful pattern is the designer’s own, original graphics, the inspiration for which was a crowd of people – a crowd as a gathering, the desire to blend in, but at the same time maintaining individuality and a desire to stand out.

As far as the patchwork’s concerned, it has an additional meaning here as a combination of various emotions, people, personalities, styles and needs. The collection’s intention was to be very universal, and at the same time one allowing to stand out, emphasize your own style and individuality. The emerging ‘zentai full suit body’ silhouettes can be associated with the Japanese art of dressing, the aim of which is to gain anonymity and freedom.