Instagram : @danielecarettoni

Height : 189cm | Chest : 101 | Waist : 86 | Hips : 99 | Suit : 50 | Shoes : 45 | Eyes : Brown | Hair : Brown |

Daniele Carettoni is an Italian model living in New York. He is no stranger to the fashion world as he has been published in many publications such as GQ Mexico, Playboy magazine, Elegant magazine, Man of Metropolis and French Revue de Modes. He has also graced the covers of many magazines such as Prestige magazine, Cool Korea, Fantastics magazine, Lapalme Magazine, Period magazine, 7Hues Hommes, Volant Homme, and Cool Singapore. Apart from having a great look, he also has a bachelor’s degree in IT, and he’s a lover of food.

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?

I moved from Milan to New York, and now I mostly work in the East Coast US market. Sometimes I still travel back to Europe, but in general, most of the clients prefer not to fly models overseas, unless it’s a big production… And it’s a pity because, especially in Italy, it’s easy to create something beautiful. Working in New York is amazing: great budgets, many talented people from all around the world, unlimited possibilities, good organization; the difference is that here doing everything is a little bit more complicated than anywhere else. In fashion and everyday life too…

Can you tell us about your modeling career?

I started modeling during university. I was playing studying and playing basketball, and I wanted an extra income. At the time modeling were easy money and a lot of fun. Slowly it became work, and when I got the bachelor’s degree in IT, I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life in an office, in front of a computer. So I started traveling and modeling at a different level, with a different attitude, full time. This happened six years ago. So ironic now that social media is such a big thing, now I need to spend a lot of time in front of my phone screen…

What has been the best experience so far in your modeling career?

Every time I have been to a new country I learned many things and found a few amazing friends that I still have: Harold, Aleksandar, Anita, Philip… So every travel has been special and unique to me.

Who is your favourite photographer?

I have shot with some really famous photographers. The time I was really nervous was with the iconic Gian Paolo Barbieri. But my favorite photographer is for sure Maurizio Montani. Every time I go back to Italy, I try to pass his studio; he always creates something beautiful and really useful at the same time.

If you could be the face of any brand, which would it be?

I am debating between two well known Italian brands, but I would say, Armani. Working for their show a few years ago was one of the most self-satisfying moments of my career. Armani man is the stereotype of elegance I grew up with.

How do you stay fit?

I love basketball, and I play whenever I can (paying attention to injuries as much as possible): it’s fun, and it’s great cardio. The gym is necessary as well – sadly. And even if I can’t give up with eating, I try to have a balanced diet: carbs in the morning and lunch, protein and vegetables for dinner- no junk food, fried not too often, no alcohol at all. And I try to keep an eye on desserts….

You have a bachelor’s degree in IT. Was IT something you were planning to do if not modelling?

Actually, the original plan was being a programmer or a project manager. Then life happened, I understood that if you are hard working – you can build your own future.

You are a “Good food lover” as quoted on your Instagram. Can you recommend a must-visit restaurant in New York?

Of course!!! My favorite Italian restaurant is San Carlo Osteria Piemonte, in Soho. Traditional regional food from Piedmont, definitely authentic. If a restaurant is serving Mac&Cheese or Chicken Marsala, trust me – run – it’s not Italian at all. I will also recommend the best burger in town at Nomad Hotel and high-end modern Japanese Morimoto in Chelsea.