Height: 6’1 | Waist: 31 | Pants: 31/32 | Chest: 40 | Shirt: M | Shoe: 11

Derek Pratt is an American actor and model; born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA on May 24, 1990. He graduated from the University of Maine with a B.A in Communications, minor in Dance and theater, and also played linebacker for the university football team.

HUF Magazine first published Derek back in 2016. With 66.7k Instagram followers, we are one of them. He is currently signed with Ford Models, DT Model Management, LA Models runway, Front Management and Maggie agency. He has done numerous fashion catwalks and campaign, with his latest being involved in the Versace pour femme Dylan Blue fragrance campaign. With his good looks and a body that is to die for, Derek is definitely on his way to the top.

Photography by Chuck Thomas

Where do you live and work? What’s it like living and working there?
I currently live in New York City! The work here is amazing. I have had the opportunity to live, and model in Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and New York; each place is very different. Out of each of these places I have lived in – New York has been my least favorite. But as far as best places for me to work – New York and Boston have been amazing since moving back this way.

Can you tell us about your modeling career?
Shortly after I graduated college, I decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue an acting career. While living in LA, the owner of Front Management scouted me from my Instagram profile and flew me to Miami. Front turned out to be a great fit, and from there my career in modeling began. I knew back to LA and signed on with DT Model Management as well as LA Models for runway. From there I signed with Ford in New York and Chicago. Things moved very smooth for me, and I was able to sign with the best modeling agencies around the country. This has blessed me with recent campaigns for Versace and Michael Kors, as well as a feature in GQ magazine and many more. I love my job and how I can work all over the country. My job is a blessing, and I am thankful every day that I can be doing this for a living and be successful in doing so!

A casting call can be a time to receive both constructive and unnecessary criticism, how do you deal with it?
I don’t have a problem with constructive or unnecessary criticism. I have played sports my entire life and have always been a coach-able player. I always want to be the best and coaching can help you get there. I never take anything personally, but I always try to take the good out of all criticism and leave the negatives behind.

What’s it feel like modeling in front of friends, family, and the public?
It’s very cool. I never wanted to be a model and once I realized I was capable of being successful as one it made me wanna go all in with it. My family and friends are so supportive, and I just want to make them proud.

What is your one piece of golden advice to those who aspire to become a model?
Don’t give up. Persistence is key, a lot of models faze in and out of the industry. Just work hard, stay focused and good things will come! Also stay humble, being a model is a privilege so don’t take it for granted.