“Owing to an enduring fascination and personal connection with Spain; its history, tradition and cultural zeitgeist, the collection focuses on resuming years of extensive research on the country. Using imagery from Spanish film and historical archives as a backdrop, silhouette inspiration is underpinned with research from Spanish surrealism.

The looks are initially designed through methods of collage, combining different elements of research. This collaging technique is transferred onto the mannequin to inform draping, development and experimental pattern cutting.

The extreme proportions of surrealism aim to inform the exaggerated volumes and desired sense of opulence and sophistication, including the use of specially designed dual surface fabrics and pearl hand-embroidery, which come together to form a luxury womenswear collection.“ – Eve Gourlay, designer

Photographer: Weronika Sikora
Designer: Eve Gourlay
Makeup: Hanna Piotrowska
Assistant: Jesus Torio
Model: Ana Borland @ Model Team Scotland