EVISU x KTZ 2015 Capsule Collection – Murky Denim

EVISU collaborates with KTZ, a London street fashion brand and launches a “Murky Denim Storm” capsule collection which is in the theme of Japanese Kendo. Edgy cutting, sharp print and lots of details bring a strong stylish airflow to fashion industry.

The EVISU x KTZ Murky Denim Storm capsule collection adapts an overall black color and white print to create a strong contrast. High quality selvedge denim is used with superior French terry in the capsule; while details include the traditional production of denim, prints, 3D-effect embroidery and fine towel embroidery. The enlarged print of KTZ’s brand statement in Japanese “世界が来て” (THE WORLD TO COME) and EVISU “KAMON” logo are incorporated making the pieces bold and vibrant. The capsule is twisted in the uniqueness and characteristics and being brought to the next level.

The capsule collection includes denim jackets, jeans, hoodies and sweatpants. Military elements are immersed in both denim wear and sportswear such as the M-51 military jacket cut and military trousers pocket. Denim with urban cutting presents a cool and edgy style, whereas French terry is the perfect choice of comfort and modishness. EVISU x KTZ Capsule Collection will be launched in EVISU stores in Asia Pacific, London and

EVISU was founded in Osaka Japan in 1991 and is named after the Japanese god of prosperity Ebisu. Initially only around 14 pairs of jeans a day were created, each one caringly hand-painted with the now famous seagull logo. EVISU captured the imagination of the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowed and spurred a revival of interest in vintage denim which spread around the world. Today EVISU has gained critical acclaim, as one of the ultimate denim must haves, is internationally known and embraced by both collectors and hipsters alike. EVISU was initially more a labour of love than a commercial venture and despite phenomenal success EVISU’s mission to create the highest quality products has remained unchanged. This underlying value defines EVISU’s position as an icon in the history of denim wear.

“Before anyone did anything, EVISU did everything.”

The company slogan of EVISU -“Before anyone did anything, Elvis did everything.” was originated from a quote by John Lennon, one of the members of the famous band, Beatles. The comment has expressed his ultimate admiration for Elvis Presley; who is often referred to as “King of Rock n’ Roll”. Elvis Presley’s creative productions and outstanding performances made him the icon in the history of Rock n’ Roll. Later on the founder of EVISU Mr. Hidehiko Yamane took on the notion of this quote and changed it to what becomes the slogan of EVISU today. This slogan was used in the most recent ready to wear collection as a celebration of EVISU’s 20th anniversary. As a pioneer in denim custom distressing and detail- oriented designs, EVISU strives to live out the notion of the company’s slogan. And to make the brand stand as the icon in the history of denim wear.

About KTZ
Conceived in 2003, KTZ is a contemporary London-based fashion label under the creative direction of Marjan Pejoski and management of Sasko Bezovski. In 1996 the pair opened the shop Kokon to Zai in Soho as a hybrid music and fashion store, which became a platform for creative projects, showcased cutting edge designers and produced the label KTZ.

KTZ designs men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing with couture detailing known for its raw energy and contemporary urban edge, but also for embracing ethnographic references and multiculturalism.

The KTZ label creates a dynamic combination of contrasting elements: modernity and the ancestral, the secular and the religious, anarchy and severity, spectacle and depth. This makes a unique label identity that is recognized widely and is worn by pioneering personalities in other creative industries, in art and music.
KTZ operates two flagship stores in London and Paris, and receives international exposure.

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