Exclusive Interview with Fashion Photographer Roberto Aguilar for HUF Magazine Issue 22


Roberto Aguilar is a fashion, beauty and commercial photographer. Born in El Salvador, raised in the US, currently based in London, UK. With an extensive academic background in photography, he has become a successful photographer in the fashion and commercial industry, earning himself a host of multi-national clients and publication in major fashion magazines.

Roberto’s interest in photography started at a young age. Led by his curiosity and fascination with the photographic process, he joined a photography club when he was 10 years old. His interest in photography grew even more when, one day, someone left behind a camera at his parents’ party. “After a few months of no one claiming it, I decided to take it apart to find out what all of the dials and buttons did,” Roberto confided in this exclusive interview with HUF Magazine.

Lost and found; the seemingly casual indifference of that camera’s owner fuelled a passion in the young Roberto, it was the beginning of Roberto’s journey to becoming a respected professional photographer.

His curiosity peaked, by the camera’s innerworkings,Roberto convinced his father to go and look for a new camera. “I knew if he bought one, it meant I would be able to use it. My plan worked and he bought a Canon T-50 with a cheap zoom lens. I distinctly remember there was a…

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