Exclusive Interview with professional photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten for HUF Magazine Issue 50


Julia Fullerton-Batten makes complexity simple. Her photographs exude a demonstrative ambiguity that sometimes leads to unexpected realms. Her imagery, her art, is painstakingly attentive to detail; what appears effortlessly surreal is the result of a healthy obsession to the reality of shooting the ephemeral, Julia’s talent and skills synchronise the complexities of a shoot with the disorientating hallucinatory dreams she captures in time.

As an acclaimed Fine Art and Commercial Photographer, Julia has been a judge for both the National portrait Gallery and the Sony World Photography Awards. She has captured the essence of such celebrities as Rupert Everett, Chloë Grace Moretz, Lily Allen, Lily Cole, Lucy Worsley, and the late Amy Winehouse. And shot campaigns for such well-known brands as American Express, BMW, Campari, Canon, and Oxfam.


Photography was my very first job. Perhaps I could more correctly say that I started as a commercial photographer, now I am more known as an art photographer. I describe myself essentially as a fine-art photographer. My first work was commercial, but once I’d earned enough money from this work, I soon started to shoot fine art projects. I enjoy both genres, but if I could earn sufficient money as a fine art photographer, I would definitely choose to specialise in that genre as it would enable me to exercise my creative instincts fully. There is a lot of spin-off from my fine art work into my commercial work, especially my experience in developing my lighting techniques to bring a special atmosphere to the image, and also my ability to make contributions to the image content itself, this being the essence of my fine art work, namely converting an idea for a project creatively into a series of fine art images.


My very first paid shoot was one that was obtained for me by a German agency. It was a well-funded project to be shot in Australia – a very daunting assignment for somebody just starting out. The reason that Australia was chosen as the location was because of the weather and the scenery. In contrast, my most recent commissioned shoot was in New York City in a studio with a painted backdrop. Luckily the commissioned work is much more creative than it used to be for me.

I get commissions on a regular basis to shoot for advertising agencies and editorial magazines. Some recent ones that are worthy of mention was one for ‘Les Revenants’, a French TV drama, which was a runner up for a French Art Directors award. Very recently I flew to NY to shoot an ad for San Pellegrino, which was commissioned by Ogilvy, NY. In early 2015 I was commissioned to shoot the…Continue reading our exclusive interview with Julia in HUF Magazine issue 50.


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