Exclusive Interview with Stevo Trann for HUF Magazine Issue 43

Exclusive interview with fashion model, post-production sound engineer and creative director at Just Ta Designs.

Stevo is special, he’s not your typical everyday model. He doesn’t just walk at fashion weeks and pose for commercial and editorial shoots. He is also the creative director at Just Ta Designs – home to an innovative fashion line for men and women based in Montreal. Besides being involved in the world of fashion, he is also a post-production sound engineer at Audio Z – a post-production sound house with clients such as Pepsi,Walmart, Reebok, Ford, IBM, Burger King and more.

Stevo is not new to us at HUF Magazine. He’s been published on HUF Magazine online several times and, recently, published in the print editorial ‘The Owl’, issue 42. We love his rugged good looks and enigmatic tattoos. He projects a strong sense of masculinity and confidence in his photos.

As a creative director for Just Ta Designs, Stevo’s life is involved with the creative side of the fashion industry. Here at HUF Magazine, being a magazine for creatives, it’s always interesting to hear more about the creative side of fashion and what makes creatives tick.

I live and work in Montreal, Canada. Life is pretty nice here; I mean the people are awesome, the city is just beautiful. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Montreal. I’ve been living here since I was sixteen. I’m now turning twenty-six. I just fell in love. Where I come from, dreams stay dreams. I felt the urge to get out there and start living my life to the fullest; Montreal was the closest and most affordable ‘big’ city around.

I am currently working in a post-production studio and it’s been six years now. I studied sound engineering at Trebass institute and I found the job right after graduating. This audio job is doing really great but as a model, it’s a little bit harder to work here in Canada; lack of budget from clients, super conservative (Montreal and Toronto less than the rest of Canada), less jobs. I mean, Montreal had a fashion week. It’s not even on anymore. They just canceled the whole event because of the lack of local designers’ interest and money issues. I started to work in Toronto as a model, maybe a year and a half ago, and I think it was the best move to make. People have money and I feel like fashion is something they really care about. They have several successful international brands and the scene is way more active than Montreal. Don’t get me wrong; I love my city and there is a lot of talent but, Toronto overshadowed Montreal in the fashion industry.

My first modeling experience goes back to when I was ten years old. My mom signed me up for the Hawaiian Tropic
model contest. I went to the finals but didn’t win the grand prize. Six years later, I was at my friend’s CD launch – I’d just moved to Montreal and I was with my mom – when a photographer approached me and asked if he could photograph me. After begging my parents to sign the contract, I had my first photoshoot with that photographer. It all started there. I always had a passion for selfies – believe it or not. [Laughs]

With My Space being a great platform to promote the ’emo’ scene, I started to have a great fan base. After two or three photoshoots with that same photographer, I created an account on Model Mayhem. I did so many photoshoots; some good, some awful. One day, I even questioned myself if it was really something I wanted to do. I wasn’t really taking it seriously. I mean photoshoots were fun but more than half-of-the-time I was wasting my time with perverts who wanted to shoot me half-naked – at one point, I even had to ask my friends to come with me.

In 2013, I participated in the Signature fashion show at the Olympic Stadium of Montreal. I met awesome models and designers. I guess that is when my modeling career really started. People started to ask me to model for them, they were booking me like crazy. I was everywhere for about a year, doing all the fashion shows and promo shoots for events and LaSalle College. I signed with an agency that same year and started to work in Toronto. I was nominated as model of the year for the Canada Philippines Fashion Week. A couple of months later …Continue reading our exclusive interview with Stevo Trann in HUF Magazine issue 43