Exclusive Interview with Vesa Peräkylä for HUF Magazine Issue 44

V for Vesa Peräkylä – stylist and creative director

“I can create a concept that is visionary, all about what you wish to achieve and beyond your expectations. I will top that with the fact, I can produce that in Half-of-the-time which equals less money. And we will have a great time while doing it.”

Vesa Peräkylä is an enigma. At a glace he appears mysterious, complicated. He may seem puzzling, perhaps even ambiguous. Scratch beneath the surface and you will find a strong heroic character that has pushed through adversity and seeks to shine the fashion limelight on up-and-coming new faces. Vesa’s striking looks mask a kind charitable soul intent on creating great work and leaving a smile on everyone’s face.

Vesa’s life is one big fascinating moodboard; it’s all about modelling, fashion, art, creativity and soul. He’s worked as a Creative Director for Strut London the contemporary clothing company founded in Hackney, London. And he has worked with some amazing names, including Absolut, the English National Opera, L’Oreal, and Nokia.

When it comes to my work I describe myself as a Fashion Stylist, Art – and Creative Director and Model. Many find it extremely confusing, some find it inspirational. Throughout my career, people have tried to put me in a box to label me in order to comprehend what I do; when, just plain and simply, all of these are elements are the base of who I am and what I want to do. I can’t choose between these three, as I love practising all of these equally. My background is fine arts and performance art. I’m a trained ballet dancer and I know how to paint. In a nutshell, I am an artist that has the need to produce and to perform in order to express myself. These different titles I hold work in unison supporting each other. If I would stop practising one of these I wouldn’t be complete. I guess the Model in me presents the need to perform and portray emotion, the Fashion Stylist is a reflection of my aesthetics and the Art & Creative Director creates the arena to present these urges in the form of concepts and production. I would say these professions are something I didn’t choose but that they chose me. I cherish them all equally and, at this current moment, there is no order of preference when it comes to specifying my occupation. I guess if there would be a box I would fall into then it would be as a Visual Artist in the form of Fashion.

For the past five years I have called London my home. This multinational buzzing city of over eight-million residents is quite the opposite to my humble beginnings in Helsinki (Finland) where I was born. Coming from a country that holds just over five million people and a city that doesn’t even hold a quarter of that is quite a difference to my current surroundings. I would say that London is impulsive and full of risks yet extremely rewarding in comparison to Helsinki where everything is well-thought, organized and relaxed – I would even say slow.

As I am working in the creative field of fashion and find myself extremely ambitious it was clear to me from the beginning, I had to relocate from Helsinki in order to pursue my career goals and most importantly challenge myself. Even though I have a great respect towards my home country and it has a deep impact on my aesthetics, it is certain that I will not go back – as for what I want to do, and achieve, will never be found there. Of course there are several elements I do miss, in the sense of financial stability, when it comes to your work and the quality of life in the forms of living; rents are way cheaper and you get paid for your work. Yet, the lack of culture, and stimulants for the mind, overshadow these great qualities. London, on the other hand … Continue reading our exclusive interview with Vesa Peräkylä in HUF Magazine issue 44.