Come Together

Skipping our merry way down the nostalgic streets of the iconic Brick Lane in London. Covered head to toe in bold tones and earthy colours, surrounded by little hints of psychedelia from fab times past and present. Flare Street’s latest campaign ‘Come Together’ is here, self styled by our lovely girl-gang, in a range of classic Flare Street Flares and exclusive designs.

Swirls of wonderful bold colours, intertwined with floral motifs, Flare Street is made sustainably in Melbourne, Australia for everybody, every style and every occasion. Especially getting your girl gang back together!

Photographer, creative direction and styling: Nik Shimmin
Assistant, creative direction, makeup & styling: Lucy LaReyna Sotelo
Models: Rhoda Tobi, Joy Bakare, Sarah Cinnamond, Olivia Lefeve- Jones and Charlotte Cohen