Freaking Kitsch campaign – SHINE

Freaking Kitsch is an entrepreneurship born in Chile, in the southernmost regions of the world. Our aim is to create a conscious and sustainable fashion, which incorporates the elements, textures, fabrics and colors that are indigienous to this region, in order to give them the unique qualities that are expressed in every piece.

In this first collection created by the brand, the inspiration is founded in the colors that emerge from the Atacama Desert. The strident colors, daring compositions, and careful choices made for each design are the result of a body of work that incorporates the fusion of art and fashion, in order to transform the way we see, live and dress in our daily life experiences.

The campaign titled “Shine”, is comprised of hand-made pieces by local artists along with vintage pieces, which have been specially selected to be re-designed into unique artistic creations. The audacity of the shimmers, colors, shadows and nuances are the very essence of this collection, which merges textures and shapes that are inspired by one of the most majestic landscapes in the world.

Photographer: Andres Moncada
Stylist and art direction: Rosario Acevedo
Makeup: Francisca Fernandez
Sculpture artist: Florencia Jedlicky
Models: Caterina Araya and Cristobal Bravo