“It was a bolt out of the blue! Ominous dark clouds surrounded me. Agony found its new home. Hell had a tryst with my destiny. Not all was lost. My pillars of strength stayed put. I reclaimed my life.

The horizon turns blood red, again. Forces of dark claimed my nights. Something churned deep inside me. The rising embers reached heaven disguised as my questions. They burned the Gods and my grit earned its respect. Every fire had to die down.

Your chained me for a while. But my spirit was never bound. it took off to the paradise of infinite hope. Positivity filled me. I saw no barriers. I’ve unleashed myself. I breather freedom. Brace yourself. The best in me is yet to be born!” – Jerry Mukkadan

Model: Mamta Mohandas
Concept and photography: Arun Mathew
Makeup and hair: Vikas Vks and Sudhi AR Hair & Make-up
Art direction and styling: Malavikanb
Creative support: Sushaj Sudhakar, Geethu Benny and Shibin Joseph
Assistant photographers: Akshay Sivadas, Annjo Salins and Jaffrin
Clothing: B Princess