Gregg Homme ONE. NIGHT. STAND video part 1 & 2

Part 1

New Video

Step into the lustful and seductive world of Gregg Homme. Coupled with sex and desire, Gregg Homme is known for their outrageous and suggestive videos. Once again the trendsetters in men’s underwear fashion, they set the precedent higher and higher each time by creating lust and fantasy that only Gregg Homme knows how to exude. The latest video, “ONE. NIGHT. STAND.” features GH’s sexy voice. Created solely to play with the viewer’s imagination, and a natural twist to allure you in. It presents another aspect of GH that has yet to be explored.

Eric Boisvert, owner and head designer states, “Who Gregg Homme is, is left up to the imagination. He is filled with mystery, desire and an exuberant amount of seduction. He exists to trick you, tease you and bring out your innermost fantasies. This creates an intoxicating hunger leaving our customers craving more.“

New Collection

This Spring and Summer 2013 Season, the luxuriously audacious and sexy styles of GH have yet again impressed the world with their latest collection of Men’s Underwear and Swimwear. Their new collection has many eclectic designs, some of which boasts such originality that they will leave their wearers and onlookers awe-struck! From styles such as BONDAGE to TARGET, which can be seen in the new video, there is something for everyone.

“Gregg Homme is designed to shock on all levels. Whether it’s for himself or for fun with that special someone, sex and fantasy are the aspects we embrace to ensure pure masculinity as well as creating hypnotic attraction for all parties that encounter our creations, ” says marketing director Ali Vertefeuille.
BEWARE: GREGG HOMME may create a surge of unrestrained desire!

New Model

A spin in originality is not just found in the unique addition of sound to their video but in the beauty of a fresh face. The latest face to grace the photos and video of GH is male fitness and underwear model, Philip Fusco.

“I was talking to the head designer and he let me in on a little secret… EVERYTHING is made in the same office where it is sold in Canada, and almost all the materials are imported from different parts of Europe. NOTHING is a cheap imitation! And you can tell from the second you put on any pair of undies. There are long hours on set and it was great to have complete comfort the whole time. The last thing you want to worry about while filming is how your “outfit” or in this case undies look and feel. ”

The loyal Gregg Homme patron will definitely be satisfied with the introduction to a new handsome face and a lavishly bold body!

Part 2