Hachi x Bohemian Rhapsody Social Club

“This project is devoted to one of the most loyal and beautiful nature animal on the planet: Dogs. the old proverb says: you should get a dog before you get married. This means the dogs teach us how to care, love and be attentive to each other. They always greet us with so much love that we can not resist to pay them with the same feelings. This is the trick that ALL dogs know and this is one more thing that we can learn from this incredible creature: always start your conversation with anyone with a loving word. That can change the world.

The connection between humans and dogs is also legendary. Many artworks and poetry, visual, music, literature, sculpture were inspired by these species. The intellect of the animal is beyond any possible understanding. They help us, humans on so many levels of our lives: be it saving lives, guiding our houses or just being a great and most faithful friend.

Our ancestors also thought that humans got reincarnated from dogs who served man for generations. In these photos however we would like to highlight the gorgeous essence of the animal as well as this amazing connection with humans. We would like the images to show the spiritual and artistic side of what we think about dogs in general. The clothes and accessories for this photoshoot donated to our crew by Hachi (Japan) were all selected with the attention to detail and lots of care and love. We wanted our four legged friends to look gorgeous and fashionable.

We also thought that our models should be dressed in the 50-s fashion for the photos to be distinctive and to attract the viewers’ attention.

We also aim to promote the project objective and its incredible crew and all the people who worked on it and assisted us on the way to our goal as well as our organisation values: art, harmony, joy and love. The main idea is: through art and beauty to change the world to the better place.”Natasha Marchev, Casting and Styling Director at Bohemian Rhapsody Club

Photographers: Olya Tutova @ 42beatsAnna Berger @ Anna Berger Shots, Glen Wilson @ GW Photography & Onstage Pix, and Eugen Pitulice
Hair and makeup: Selda Saales @Selda makeup & hair styling
Outfits for models: Eliza Doolittles @ Vintage Boutique by Natalie Brophy Waterworth
Styling and casting: Natasha Marchev
Project director: Alex Lis
Models: Eugenia Koulaeva, Jessica-lee Murphy, Yu-chi Huang and Ivan Lubkov
Dogs: Tosha and Dasha
Location: Bohemian Rhapsody Club