Hemingsworth – Arbiters of Luxury & Adventure


Designed for sophisticated freedom and comfort, Hemingsworth provides shorts, trousers, jackets and shirts that are perfect for a modern globetrotter.

Hemingsworth began its journey with only 8 Luxury Swim Shorts and from then on became the swimwear label for lovers of quality English fashion that’s impeccably crafted and exquisitely designed. The original 8 Swim Shorts remain as their main products and will always see Hemingsworth sell them. However Hemingsworth have released new colourways in the shorts and released Boat Neck T-Shirts that can be purchased now along with their seersucker jacket, trousers and polo shirts.

Hemingsworth prides itself on the fact that they believe that modern living shouldn’t cost the earth. This is why Selfridges have made Hemingsworth a partner and stock the brand, as they have the same ideology and believe that their clothes should be made sustainably and worn with pride