Hjälte Jewellery Collection, photography by Valeria Di Guardo

HJÄLTE JEWELLERY, silver and gold jewellery inspired by nature and made in London.

Growing up in Scandinavia where rock music is popular and the forests are never ending, Susanne creates pieces that are well-polished but also crude, just like nature (and good music).

Since graduation she has been working on her own jewellery range, as well as working for an international jewellery company perfecting her skills as a jeweller. All jewellery is designed and made in London by Susanne and all suppliers are locally sourced.

Photographer: Valeria Di Guardo (founder of Transroyal)
Jewellery: Hjälte Jewellery
Model: Veit Ipsen (female to male transgender)

About Transroyal – a model agency for no binary and transgender souls based in Hamburg

Valeria Di Guardo is the photographer and founder of TransRoyal, a model agency with a unique taste in transgender beauties. Within the agency can are a variety of models such as male to female, female to male transgender and androgynous.

TransRoyal, aims to create a unique concept promoting Transgender models within the fashion industry. It aims also to give the third gender a positive exposure within the public eye while actively encouraging the concept of equality.