HUF Magazine Issue 38 Out Now!


Creativity is inside all of us, even for those who think they have none. Ideas, theories, inventions, words, sounds, even life itself, all start with the creative process. Some learn early to embrace their ability to create and spend their lives doing what they love, like photography, styling, art directing, writing, designing, etc.

Every month, HUF Magazine receives thousands of submissions from creative people around the world. Some good and some great, nevertheless we are overawed by the creativity of people out in the big wide world.

In this issue of HUF Magazine, we feature an exclusive interview with creative director and stylist Hangna Sohn Koh. She shares her story of travelling across the world on a journey to creative self-discovery.

Remember, if you’re struggling with creativity – plenty of determination mixed with a little inspiration goes a long way to making something good, which sometimes leads on to greatness.

Peruse our ten exclusive HUF Magazine editorials, reflect on your own creativity.

And together let’s free your creative spirit to soar above imagination.

Get Inspired. Read HUF Magazine.


*Interested in getting publish with HUF Magazine? We are always calling for submission to be featured on our web-site and in our print issue. If you think you have what it take to be feature in HUF Magazine, e-mail your submission to [email protected] . PLEASE make sure you have read our “Submission FAQ” page to ensure your submission qualify our criteria to avoid disqualification.

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