HUF Magazine Issue 39 Out Now!

HUF Magazine Is39 Content

HUF Magazine issue 39 is out now, featuring David McIntosh as ‘King David’, photography by Bryan Taylor Johnson.

A heir to his thrown, David Mcintosh takes full force in the battle for his kingdom. He walks in the shadow of darkness and fears no evil. His courage is admirable, kingly and paramount while he faces opticals of illusions within the industry. He understands his leadership without flaw and breaks barriers for all under his rein.

(Hail, King David!).

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About Bryan Taylor Johnson
Bryan Taylor Johnson is full time photographer that works with some of the top ten modeling agencies in NYC. Some of his work includes: Vogue Italia IT, GQ Magazine, American Express, Starbucks, Marc Clark for Urban Outfitters, Christian Seriano, ilatii Cosmetics, Fou-Dre Vodka, Indian Princess Hair, Members Club, Reds Outfitters Sunglasses by Del Tora and LVL XIII Foot Wear to name a few.

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