HUF Magazine Issue 46 Out Now


It’s a new year that is upon us and it brings new opportunities for even more creativity. Creativity continues to demonstrate the power that it yields; expanding culture and liberating the mundane.

Here at HUF Magazine, we’re committed to showcasing and elevating creativity in all its forms. 2016 is destined to be a busy year for us. Every issue will continue to feature new creatives and subsequently open up our range of creatives. HUF Magazine will showcase creatives driving the positive transformation of our global village.

This issue features an interview with Claire Harrison, a professional photographer that artistically crafts her imagery with striking attention to light and context. Claire encourages us all to discover what makes us happy and to work with it to success. Our cover features an amazing photograph, by Tom Wawnik, featuring model Sundal Roy with an elephant under the care and protection of the Bali Safari Park & Lodge. Tom told us that it’s, “definitely the best elephant park in Bali, where they get taken good care of. The elephants walking freely around. A lot of the elephants are indeed in sanctuary, many coming from circus or places where they were treated badly. You can see that they walk around free and are not locked away somewhere. We photographed with around 8 different elephants during the whole day so as not to exhaust one elephant. We had to change elephants every 1-2 hours and they were all lovely.”

A big shout out to all the creatives behind this issue’s stunning imagery, keep up the great work and continue to amaze us one and all.

Enjoy this new year, seize each day and let your creativity shine through. Get Inspired, Read HUF Magazine!


*Interested in getting publish with HUF Magazine? We are always calling for submission to be featured on our web-site and in our print issue. If you think you have what it take to be feature in HUF Magazine, e-mail your submission to [email protected] . PLEASE make sure you have read our “Submission FAQ” page to ensure your submission qualify our criteria to avoid disqualification.

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