HUF Magazine Issue 49 Out Now!

HUF Magazine issue 49 out now, with the stunning cover photographed by Ian Chang and Breanna Sheather. This issue featured exclusive interview with profession photographer Tom Wawnik, where he shared us how he turned from a model to a fashion photographer. This issue also featured beautiful and creative editorials by photographers and their team from around the world (Anna Danlova, Kirsten Miccoli, Raen Badua, Ekaterina Belinskaya, Annie Lai, Zosia Prominska, Jvdas Berra and Likachev Rostislav). As well as editorials and interview, this issue also featured a special article on “The Renaissance Of Unisex Fashion” by Triston Brewer.

As we edge ever nearer to the fiftieth issue of HUF Magazine, we ask ourselves, “Did we choose our passion for creativity, or did our passion choose us?”

Passion is a feeling. It changes; it comes, it goes. Just like some loves do.

The world we live in would be nothing but empty space were it without creativity. Indeed, many believe that the world owes its very existence to a Creator. Whether this is found to be true or not, don’t we owe it to future generations to create a better tomorrow?

Let’s all commit to express ourselves creatively. Let’s make this issue, and the many more to come, something special together as we share and celebrate creativity.

Live your life to the full and passion will always find you.

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