HUF Magazine Issue 50 Out Now


It’s official, HUF Magazine has reached a milestone with this here Issue 50. Featuring the gorgeous and hunky Canadian bred firefighter Marshall Perrin, photographed by Wander Aguiar. (Who also photographed our cover for issue 11). This issue also featured an exclusive interview with Fine Art and Commercial photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, who has an impress portfolio, and have shot campaigns for such well-known brands as American Express, BMW, Campari, Canon and Oxfam. Here she shared with us her story of how she became a photographer and the journey she has been through to get to where she is now. Of course, with every issue, we also featured creative editorials from creatives(and their team) around the world, such as Antonio Guzzardo, Evgeniy Sorbo, Irina Voiteleva, Maximilian Kamps, Zuzia Zawada, Pedja&Denis, Wander Aguiar and Rxandy Capinpin.

Fifty issues of engaging people through the creative process, creating a community. Anyone can be creative, but everyone can’t be wise to it. Us dedicated creatives are inspired by creativity even when we are unaware that we are being creative. Any moment can lead to a sudden burst of creativity. How we handle those moments together says much about our commitment, our style, our passion, our legacy.

Join us in exploring Issue 50, discover the best inspirational minds and let’s celebrate creativity together.
Happy 50th to all of us.

Get Inspired. Read HUF Magazine.

Get your hand on our issue 50 now and prepare to have your mind blow away.

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